All body therapies

Back, Neck and Shoulder Scrub | 50 mins
£65 - £75 50 mins

Relax sore shoulders, neck and back with this aroma therapeutic treatment. By combining the relaxing and repairing action of yellow clay with manual techniques, this treatment helps to relax your head, neck, back and shoulders will complete. If carried out regularly, it offers short and long term relief to those who work for long hours in front of the computer, sedentary lifestyle, poor posture or chronic stress and anxiety. 

Salt Therapy Scrub | 25 mins
£37 - £43 25 mins

It’s time to release tension, reveal new skin and soothe tired muscles with this reinvigorating treatment. Experience a Halen Môn Salt infused scrub, hand-harvested from the King’s coastline using pure charcoal-filtered seawater in Anglesey, Wales. The therapeutic scrub removes dead skin cells whilst helping to increases circulation. The ethical mineral salt focuses on detoxifying, hydration, reducing fluid retention, improving digestion, balancing electrolytes and is great for skin health. 

Himalayan Salt Ritual | 50 mins
£69 - £79 50 mins

An extraordinary ritual, beginning with a body massage using warmed Himalayan salt blocks, which bestow relaxation, alleviating tension, stress and anxiety. An exhilarating salt scrub follows; a combination of the precious pink Himalayan salt crystals and aromatic oils to detoxify the body, ease aches and pains, stimulate the metabolism and restore vitality and balance. 

Deep Body Thermal Renewal | 50 mins
£69 - £79 50 mins

A smoothing, renewing and regenerating treatment for restored tone, elasticity and profound hydration. A sensorial cocooning and deeply relaxing experience for a complete transformation of the skin and tissues. Ideal for skin that needs moisture and elasticity. 


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